I’m a huge fan of Brian De Palma’s classic Dressed to Kill staring an incredibly impressive and undeniably sexy Angie Dickinson. During the first 35 minutes of the film, we see “her” shower, get seduced at the MET, have an orgasm in back of a cab and then get slashed to death in an elevator by her cross-dressing psychiatrist. And so much of this is done without any dialogue, just a terrific score and Brian De Palma’s genius.

If you watch Dressed to Kill on cable here in the land of high moral character and countless brothels, you see Angie’s body double’s vagina fuzzed-out of view during the shower scene. And thank God because one sight of “Angie’s” mound would surely turn me straight.

Why oh why do the censors need to fuzz-out vaginas and penises? And even the most non-sexual ones? Rember that dead, fat guy on the slab near the beginning of Seven? While Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt were checking out his cadaver, his dick was fuzzed-out. What? Am I going to want to screw a fat, dead guy if I get a glimpse of his petrified weenie?

For some odd reason the censors only go after movies because I’ve seen plenty of snatch on cable tv’s Sex and the City. Thankfully, you can rent DVDs with unmentionables in full view too. The censors do fuzz-out some pubes on some rentals but they don’t get all of them. I was happy to see Angie’s stunt snatch intact when I rented Dressed to Kill recently.

And by the way, her orgasm in back of the cab beats Meg Ryan’s in the deli any day.