The Grim Reaper has a cat and his name is Oscar.

A nursing home in Rhode Island adopted a kitten that can apparently sense death.  The little bastard comes padding into the rooms of elderly patients who then die a few hours later.  They say he goes to comfort them in their time of need.  I say, the little shit goes in to steal their breath.

Did any of these doctors or nurses ever stop to think that maybe a few of these patients were allergic to cats?  An allergic reaction to those fucking furballs can cause a person to sneeze, wheeze and have trouble breathing.  Not exactly a peaceful way to cash in your chips.

And what happened when the word got out among the patients in the nursing home that this little shit, Oscar, would come into your room just before you died?

“The little bastard is heading into Edna’s room!”

“Oh shit, the little fucker is heading this way!”

“Quick!  Quick!  Shut the door!  The door!”