Don’t you hate it when you get up to pee at 3:30 in the morning and then can’t get back to sleep? It’s just after 5:00am now. Tokyo remains dark but will very soon see the sun rise over the bay.

I’m tempted to wake my visiting friend up so that we can visit the Tsukiji fish market but am sure she’ll just tell me to go back to bed. If I go back to bed, I’ll toss and turn and wake up my partner until he gets pissed off. Going out for a walk means bundling up against the early morning cold. Not that I mind so much but then I’d likely wake both my friend and partner with the noise I’d make.

The blinking red lights on top of that very tall apartment building outside the living room window pulsate to a quiet rhythm. I wonder if the people living in the units directly underneath them are annoyed with the on and off again red glow. It’s probably like living in a seedy part of town in one of those old Hollywood movies where the fallen woman waits desperately for her petty criminal lover to return after he offs her husband. Or maybe it’s more mundane and predictable.

“Goddamn it Harry. I like the view of Fuji but these fucking red lights keep me up all night. Jesus! I mean, fine, they looked just nifty in that goddamn Sophia fucking Coppola movie with Mr. Pockface from Saturday Night Live and that big-lipped girl with the crossed eyes, but fuck if they’re practical. Can’t you get your boss to move us? Sally got her husband to move them. But maybe you aren’t senior enough Harry. Maybe your asking means shit to your boss because you’re just a junior VP and not a senior VP. Are you listening to me Harry? Get up and do something about it.”

This is the part where Harry loses his mind and in a flash of rage shoves his wife out the window. He doesn’t mean to do it of course but the window was slightly open and so one quick push means his wife has landed on top of some car below (like in the movies). Her now lifeless body lays bloodied on top of a baby blue sedan, its windows blown out from the impact. The doorman rushes out to see what happened. A passing woman walking her dog drops the leash and lets out an ear-piercing scream. And I try desperately to get back to sleep.