As I mindlessly flipped through the channels last night, I was surprised and happy to see T.J. Holmes filling in for John Roberts on CNN’s American Morning.  The pontificating pompadour that is John Roberts is off on assignment somewhere likely puffing out his chest and mugging for the camera while some poor son of a bitch watches his home get carried away by a raging river.

T.J. co-anchors CNN Newsroom on the weekends with that sharp and sexy Betty Nguyen.   The chemistry they share is easy, flowing, and exactly what is missing weekday mornings when John Robots and Kiran Chetry host American Morning.  T.J. is handsome and strong where John is tired and arrogant.  Yes, it helps that T.J. is easy on the eyes.  Maybe he’s a little wet behind the ears but at least his ears are the kind you might want to nibble on.  John’s are the kind you want to hang him by.