Richard Roberts, president of Oral Roberts, resigned over allegations that he used school funds to pimp his own ride.

When asked why he spent the money, Roberts said, “Yo, my shortie like horses yo.  I gots to get my shortie what she want.  So she says, ‘Daddy Bitch, when ya gonna git me some National Velvet?’  So I says, when ya clean up ya goddamn room!  Den my wife’n’shit be all bitchin’ all the time.  So I gives her da school credit card so she can go buy shit at da mall.  Yo, if I’m goin’ to give all my attention to da Oral, I gots to have dat bitch off my back.  Dig?  As for da fancy suits.  How can ya be a hit wit da ladies if ya ain’t got da clothes?”

So another morally bankrupt conservative leader falls from grace, this time because of greed.  In the past, we’ve seen these hypocrites fall because of their love of prostitutes, pages, back rubs, drugs and footsie.  How many have yet to fall?  And more importantly, why do they have a flock or followers at all?  Are we as Americans that dumb or do many of us just need a hero?