While John Roberts was off on assignment (when are they just going to get rid of that graying bastard anyway?), T.J. Holmes and then Rob Marciano filled in as co-host on CNN’s American Morning. Kiran Chetry couldn’t have been happier.

I know that pregnant women get horny during the first part of their pregnancy. That said, you could just see Kiran smiling seductively, licking her lips and squirming around in that chair of hers. Bitch was in heat! And who could blame her? With that bloviating bastard off on assignment, she had a sexy Holmes one day, and a handsome Marciano the next.

T.J. did a better job reading from the teleprompter than Marciano. Rob stumbled through and once even had to pick up the sheet of paper sitting in front of him to re-read something he had completely screwed up. Thankfully, the hot and bothered Kiran was on hand to help smooth things over. She seemed to coo, “Robbie, Baby, just relax and let me lead you through this.”

T.J. and Rob weren’t quick on their feet when making off the cuff observations which made for some awkward moments. I’m sure John Roberts was somewhere watching the program yelling, “And you think you can replace me with THAT!?”

Well, John, I hope to fuck they do. Hell, once Kiran has the kid, maybe she’ll stay away too. Then we could get, if the top brass at CNN were so bold, a T.J. Holmes and Rob Marciano sandwich. Delicious! Now THAT is worth getting up early in the morning for.