Alina Cho just finished subbing for Kiran Chetry on CNN’s American Morning today. The bad news is she had to deal with the piece of moldy cheese that is John Roberts. The good news is that she is the clear choice to replace Kiran when Kiran is off giving birth and attending to her newborn.

OK, Alina was never on my radar. For me she was always one of those reliable standbys. She came on, did her thing and left without making too much of an impression. But the more I see her work, the more I think she’s exactly what American Morning needs. Smart, sophisticated, sexy and clearly tough enough to handle John without throwing him to the ground and sticking her stiletto heal down his mouth, Ms. Cho is the smart alternative to Ms. Chetry.

And speaking of stilettos, Ms. Cho’s got style. Her outfits say stylish and edgy while Kiran’s outfits scream suburban soccer mom playing dress-up with “the girls.” Ms. Cho is clearly the Mary. Kiran is the obvious Rhoda.