When the armed volunteer security guard (what a great gig!), Jeanne Assam, gunned down the homicidal Christian hater, she admitted to having help from above. “I give the credit to God. I say that very humbly.”

I guess God appeared on her right shoulder and said, “Jeanne, Baby, blow the son of a bitch away!” So Jeanne, fluffed her feathered hair, took out her gun and command Matthew Murray to drop his weapon. Of course, this being Jeanne Assam, a woman who was fired from a previous job in Minneapolis for lying about cursing at a bus driver, she probably said, “Freeze you goddamn mutherfucker before I pop you full of lead!”

Seeing that sassy little spitfire Jeanne Assam with her fried hair, panda eyes and red lips ordering him to drop his weapon, the killer was probably shocked into submission or at least stunned by the idea that he might be done in by a Heather Locklear look-alike circa 1985. So Matthew did what any self-respecting homicidal maniac would have done and killed himself before the dye job could finish him off.

I certainly hope God had no hand in Matthew’s death. The God I hope exists is loving, kind and forgiving. This God doesn’t go around steadying the hands of trigger-happy bimbos so that they can aim for the heart. What she did was the right thing to do given the circumstances but she did it alone.