Jodi Foster finally acknowledged her longtime partner, Cydney Bernard, at a power breakfast in L.A. and thus came out of the closet.  Cue the uncomfortable silence, the chirping crickets, the shrugs and your grandma saying, “She’s gay!?  But she’s so pretty!”

Now that Jodi is out of the glass closet, what’s she going to do as the new gay superhero?   Lead a march in Washington hand in hand with Cydney and their kids?  Speak out against the many injustices gay Americans face?  Do the morning talk show circuit sporting a new dykey haircut?  Out other closeted celebrities?  And really, was Jodi that closeted as a celebrity?  Her life was an open secret.  She just annoyed many of us by not coming out sooner.

When Hollywood has-beens or retirees come out, it’s a tad pathetic and we all say, “Gosh, he’s gotten so fat!” or “I thought he was dead.” respectively.  But not Jodi.  She comes out at the top of her game as a two-time Academy Award winner, one of the few consistently bankable female actors and a career that has spanned four decades.  She’s got talent to spare, killer legs, a sexy smile, a big brain, a life partner, kids and tons of dough in the bank.  The lady has got it going on.

So, will Anderson Cooper follow Jodi out of the glass closet?