When I used to watch Candy Crowley on CNN’s The Situation Room, I’d do my best Jabba the Hut impression. “Ha, ha, ha, Mr. Blitzer,” I’d say heartily, “the president’s approval rating is in the belly of the beast!” Now I just wish Candy would share whatever diet she’s on with the human burrito that is Ed Lavandera.

Ms. Crowley is finally losing weight.  Thank God. I like and respect her and so don’t wish anything awful to happen to her like I do John Roberts. She’s the type of lady I’d like to invite over for dinner to get the skinny on the rest of the CNN crew.

“Is Rob Marciano that handsome in person? And really, is he as dumb as he sometimes comes off?”

“Is Barbara Starr a drunk? I won’t tell a soul.”

“Is Anderson Cooper taken?”

“And why oh why are you reporting for Lou Dobbs now?”

Poor Candy has to stand there and smile while Lou pontificates, “The arrogance that this administration has shown is just unbelievable. And the Democrats certainly do not have the interest of the people in their minds while they protect those illegal aliens undoubtedly sent over secretly by Communist China in those crates of toys filled with lead paint made by child workers!”

Candy, baby, tell Lou to go fuck himself and hard. THAT would make for great television.