Heath Ledger was a talented and handsome Academy Award nominated actor who disliked the spotlight and until recently preferred to live a quiet life with his girlfriend, Michelle Williams, and their toddler in an unassuming Brooklyn townhouse.  He was also a man who was found dead in his $23,000 a month luxury SoHo apartment

$23,000 is the average annual teacher’s salary in most Southern States.  $23,000 is the price of a juiced up car for a regular Joe or Joann.  $23,000 is what some lucky contestant wins on Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy.  But rent? 

Welcome to Manhattan!  The price of a house may have plummeted in Peoria but apartments and condos are as expensive as ever in the land of plenty if you have plenty. 

Convert your pounds into dollars and presto, a Philippe Stark designed condo is yours on Central Park West. 

Euros you say!  Come, stay, pay and by all means play. 

Your bank lost how many billions!?  But what is your net worth?  Oh, then why worry?  Trade up to a penthouse on the Upper East Side!

And now that Heath is dead and his apartment is available, how should the listing read? 

“Heath Ledger, promising young actor overdosed in his full-floor, fourth-story, luxury loft apartment with amazing light, recently renovated eat in kitchen with stainless steel appliances, hard wood floors throughout, two working fire places and an oversized master suite.”

A man is dead.  By all accounts a good one too.  Let’s mourn that and forget about the rat race for at least two seconds, shall we?