In a misguided attempt to not resemble an old goat, CNN’s John Roberts has gone out and gotten himself a new look.  John, Just for Men Gel is for facial hair not head hair.  And is that eye liner I see?  My God, you look like an elderly raccoon in a suit or Liza Minnelli circa 1972 in Cabaret.

I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for John.  What with Kiran Chetry visibly pregnant, Candy Crowley loosing all that weight and Rob Marciano nipping at his heels, what can an old goat do?

I say quit American Morning and pray to God 60 Minutes will have you.  Because once Kiran is off on maternity leave, I have a feeling we might see the dawn of the new, new American Morning, also known as Mornings with Alina Cho and Rob Marciano.