Janet Murguia, Executive Director for National Council of La Raza, just tore Lou Dobbs a new asshole on his CNN program, Lou Dobbs Tonight.  Never before on his show have I seen him so defensive, so cornered and so enraged.  It was fun!  Janet came at him with flaming tortillas, a lethal rolling pin and an apron that read, “Minutemen Suck.”  I kept waiting for the split screen moment ala Rosie O’Donnell/Elizabeth Hasselbeck it got so heated.

Still, Lou managed to get the best line in when after Janet said that she had received death threats, he sniped, “I get death threats too.  You’re not the Lone Ranger.”

She should have replied, “I am certainly not the Lone Ranger but you are Tonto.”  Tonto means dumb in Spanish.