For a country that is known for timid women, pencil-dicked men and a falling birth rate, Japan is obsessed with sex.  From the middle-aged man reading pornographic Manga seated next to you on the subway to the young woman wearing shorty shorts with pink stilettos and black fishnet stockings walking in front of you down the sidewalk, sex is everywhere.  You can’t even walk down certain streets in Shibuya without feeling the need for a shower, prayer and some penicillin afterwards.

So it always surprises me how expensive lube (sexual lubricant) is in Tokyo.  I meant to buy some when I was back in New York and then smuggle it into Japan.  The best friend I was staying with lives in Chelsea and there were two sex shops literally down the street from her apartment so there was no excuse.

I delayed buying stuff to get off in New York and now I’m ripped off in Tokyo.   $30.00 for a tube of lube.  You get screwed before you get screwed!

This $30.00 tube of lube is $6.00 in Chelsea, $5.50 at this place run by Pakistani’s I know on Christopher Street in the West Village.  One of the reasons I miss living in New York is that you can go out to buy milk, fruit and lube and be back at your apartment in ten minutes.  New York is life made easy.