I was a closeted fan of Queer as Folk back in the day.  A closeted fan because the show itself, while promising at first, quickly devolved into a cheesy After School Special peppered with even more gratuitous sex, violence and drug taking.  But instead of Helen Hunt getting high on smack and hurling herself wildly out of a third-story window, you had Homo Joe getting high on meth and hurling himself wildly at disease-carrying party boys.  It just wasn’t the same.  I continued watching for the sex and bad dialogue but if anyone ever asked me, “Do you watch Queer as Folk?” I’d say, “What’s that?” or “Do I look gay to you?”

On my last night in New York during my most recent return, I found myself watching The L Word on TV with one of my best friends.  She warned me that the show was bad but fun to watch.  I told her that I used to watch Queer as Folk and that I was going to open up another bottle of wine.

I must admit here that not only am I gay man, I’m a lesbian, or at least an honorary lesbian.  I have the K.D. Lang CDs and a fiercely competitive nature to prove it too.

Watching The L Word was a blast!  Who were all these sexy, sly, seductive and smartly-dressed sisters of Sappho and why didn’t I know them?  I found myself asking questions like, “Which ones are lesbians in real life?” and saying, “Really?  What about that one?  Are you sure?  But she acts like she knows what she’s doing too well.”

You can imagine my delight and surprise when I saw The L Word available for rent at my local Tsutaya (think Japanese version of Blockbuster) yesterday.  Season one is available now so I get to start watching from the beginning.  Of course, this means having to rent the damn DVD which means getting looks from the cashier.

If the cashier asks me, “Lesbodeska?”

I’ll proudly say, “Hait, okki lesbodes!” or “Yes, I’m a big lesbian!”