Steven Spielberg announced on Tuesday that he would withdraw from his role as an artistic director for the Beijing Olympics.

Spielberg said, “My conscience would not allow me to continue with business as usual.”

China replied, “You die now you spoiled Hollywood capitalist pig!”

Spielberg added that, “China’s economic, military and diplomatic ties to the government of Sudan continue to provide it with an opportunity and obligation to press for change.”

China said, “You no hear me, you filthy director man you? We send you to reeducation camp now! You see what Jaws really is!”

Satan’s mama and good-will ambassador for Unicef, Mia Farrow helped start a campaign last year to label the Beijing Olympics the “Genocide Olympics.

China said, “You already punish enough having sex with Woody Allen. You say dumb thing because you fictional mother of Satan and adopted mother of Korean whore.”

Several years ago, I attended the Human Rights Campaign national meeting in Washington D.C. Spielberg was the guest of honor after having recently and publicly severed his ties with The Boy Scouts of America over its homophobic policies. At the meeting’s dinner after an aggressively competitive silent auction (a walk on part on Will and Grace was going for upwards of $10,000), Spielberg said that walking away from the Boy Scouts was difficult given his longtime affiliation with the organization. He was wounded and upset.

Maybe it was learning that the Coors heir was a fellow mo and a nice guy, or hearing Melissa Etheridge sing “This Land is Your Land” but Spielberg’s speech was moving in its sincerity and humility. No Hollywood bullshit. No toothy-smile phoniness. Just a man standing by his convictions.