Unless it’s some Hollywood blockbuster or an international promotional for Louis Vuitton, Japan gets everything late.

I get The New Yorker and New York Magazine over a week late at the Tower Records in Shibuya. Incidentally, Tower Records has the lowest prices in Tokyo on either magazine.

Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated films get to Japan after the awards season is over, unless it’s a Johnny Depp movie. The locals go ape shit for Depp. His movies always get good release dates.

I saw my first episode of Heroes late last year when my friend was in town for a visit. She insisted I watch it. “It’s a good show, you’ll see.” It was. The first season is still showing on the FOX affiliate. Two weekends ago FOX Japan aired a “Heroes Catchup!” marathon on Saturday afternoon. I fell asleep wishing the mean bitch personality of that blond Hero with the kid would stay and that whiny, conflicted one would exit, permanently.

Last week, The L Word finally made it to Tsutaya (the Japanese Blockbuster) for rent and purchase. The damn DVDs are flying off the shelves! Looks like the Japanese like other forms of sushi too. And as a gay man, can I confess that those lesbian sex scenes are hotter than anything I ever saw on Queer as Folk. Damn! It almost makes me wish I liked sushi too.

And ironically, I was able to watch the recent Australian Open live in the early morning hours when I was visiting my parents in the U.S. I say ironically because though I live in Japan, I’ve missed the last two Aussie Opens because Japanese cable doesn’t air it and bars don’t show it. Tokyo is basically in the same fucking time zone as Melbourne for God’s sake.

Land of the Rising Sun my naturally brown ass! We get things way late.