Alina Cho was in Pyongyang covering The New York Philharmonic concert inside that miserable country, North Korea, controlled by that impish pig, Kim Jong Il.  If hell exits, that man’s got a first class, one-way ticket on a Singapore Airlines A380–you know the one where first class passengers have their very own private cabins.

While in North Korea, Alina also managed to bring to light a personal story involving her family.  Like most families in Korea, Cho’s family was ripped apart during the war.  Barriers went up, people fled, some defected, some were captured, the end result was the same.  Separation.

Now, this little bit of personal history could have come off as cheesy and manipulative.  Remember Suzanne Malveaux walking through a devastated New Orleans in those ugly pants and crocodile tears?  Alina Cho doesn’t do ugly pants and she certainly doesn’t go for the cheap coming to Jesus moment.  Though the story was specifically about her family’s plight, she never let you forget that her family was not at all unique.

I’d like to see Kiran Chetry back in Nepal with her shoulder pads and clown face trying to smile her way into a story.  Maybe not.