I love watching Hardtalk on BBC News. It’s the take no prisoners, I’m going to hold you accountable for all the dumb shit you’ve ever said in your miserable public life you pathetic worm news program that CNN desperately needs. And no, it’s not some self-righteous, screaming pig ala Lou Dobbs or Bill O’Reilly “interviewing” guests for the sole purpose of furthering a personal political agenda.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, the host sits across the table from some elected official, business executive or internationally recognized celebrity, shakes their hand and then proceeds to grill them over an open flame. If the interviewee isn’t quick, they’re toast.

Stephen Sackur is the main host, but often Zeinab Badawi fills in for him. Thank God. I’ve got nothing against Steve. He’s that lumpy, thinning, intense Brit that comes to mind when Americans think of a typical British man.

Zeinab on the other hand is the cat’s meow. Armed with the name of a Bond villainess and the looks to match, Badawi leaps across the table and feasts on the flesh of her next victim. If her victim is quick, she plays with him, tossing him back and forth in her paws, smiling all the while. If her victim is slow, she laughs, licks her lips and lunges in for the kill.

Badawi: Surely you don’t think your inept government has done anything remotely positive to address this enormous problem.

Government official: Um, uh, well, as you know and are very well aware, uh, the situation is much more difficult than, uh, your, uh…

Badawi: A simple yes or no will suffice. Are you a complete and utter embarrassment to both your family and your countrymen?

God I love Badawi! We need her in the U.S. She’d grill Cheney, broil Bush, and for the hell of it, turn Rice into a quivering mound of manicured mush.