Is everyone in New York having an extramarital affair?

That the new New York governor, David Paterson, had an affair doesn’t bother me. At least his wife, Michelle, also got some action on the side during a rough patch in their marriage. What bothers me is that he carried out his affair at the Days Inn on the upper Upper West Side on 94th Street and Broadway. A Days fucking Inn. What, was the Motel 6 fully booked?

If you’re going to carry on an affair, at least do it right. Go over to their place or rent a room at the St. Regis, the Four Seasons or the SoHo Grand.

Who was this woman anyway? She must have really been into him to agree to blow his black ass at a Days Inn. I sure hope Michelle had the class to carry on her affair at someplace with room service, a spa and a swanky bar.