Middle-age gold diggers of the world rejoice. Heather Mills has proven herself a one-legged wonder of the first degree. She not only snagged Beatles billionaire Paul McCartney, she successfully divorced his ass and is now hopping away with 50 mil of his fortune.

Ms. Mills says she plans to continue her charity work. Yeah right, and I’m the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I’ve got a feeling old Heather plans to spend her recently acquired fortune on bracelets, Botox and booze. Too bad she’ll have nobody to party with as her name might as well be George W. Bush.

That she could have crawled away an even richer woman is beside the point. The fact is she’s shown again that naive older men will marry anyone who is determined enough to score a wealthy husband, and talented enough to at least make him believe that she really and truly loves him, at least at first.