Kiran Chetry, America’s favorite Nepalese anchor woman, said goodbye today on American Morning.  She starts her maternity leave tomorrow and will be gone for several weeks.  And while we wish her all the best with her new baby, I say, make room for Ms.Cho.  Alina Cho should replace Kiran not just temporarily but permanently. 

As Kiran’s permanent replacement, the sexy, savvy and sophisticated Ms. Cho would bring a much needed spark to this once entertaining but now stale morning program–God I miss Soledad and Miles.  Alina is sharp cheddar to John Roberts‘ moldy bran muffin.  She’s the spicy meatball to John’s wet noodle.  Her presence and vivaciousness make John resemble an embalmed cadaver.  And once Kiran is gone for good, we can focus on replacing John with a better anchor. 

John, I’ve heard there’s a job opening at CBS Evening News.  Why don’t you be a dear and make another play for it?