One of my favorite guilty pleasures when I’m back in the States is watching The View.  Depending on how my jetlag is going, it either airs after my morning run or just before I get up. 

It’s hard not to like Sherri Shepherd even when you don’t agree with her view.  Yeah, she’s a little too religious for my comfort level but the girl can dish better than Joy or Whoopi when she’s on a roll.  And though I didn’t think The View needed another darkie co-host, I’m glad they picked Sherri in the end. 

Ms. Shepherd doesn’t take her fate or luck lightly.  Last Friday her vulnerability overcame her while she was interviewing Lawrence Fishburne.  She choked back tears and said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “I’m so lucky to be sitting here next to Whoopi Goldberg interviewing Lawrence Fishburne.  I feel so blessed.” 

I got teary! 

Later on that morning, the ladies interviewed Elizabeth Berkley.  Ms. Berkley spoke of her current gig hosting Bravo’s Step it up and Dance! and she either intentionally or unintentionally put down that cross-eyed, conservative crank, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, when she said that unlike other reality shows where the contestants become famous for nothing other than appearing on a reality show, her dance show featured talented performers. 

Didn’t she know that Elisabeth was the bimbo contestant on the first season of Survivor where her only claim to fame was looking all cross-eyed as she naively navigated the shark-infested waters of human nature?