See that gay people should have the right to marry.

OK, lame joke aside, the governor of New York, David A. Paterson, is really going out of his way to provide gay Americans with the same right straight Americans enjoy, abuse and enjoy and abuse all over again. Just ask Elizabeth Taylor, Pamela Anderson or any contestant on The Bachelor. “Protecting the sanctity of marriage” my naturally brown ass.

You might think that as a blind, black man, Governor Paterson naturally feels that every American should be treated fairly. And you’d be right. But Paterson was also exposed to the normalcy of gay relationships at a young age when his parents left him and his little brother with family friends “Uncle Stanley and Uncle Ronald” when they went out of town.

Did his parents return to find the boys prancing around in high-heels? No. They returned to find the boys getting tutored in English. Did his parents return to find the boys playing dress up with pink frocks and lavender boas? No. They returned to find the boys playing cards.

The funny thing about gay people is that we’re just like straight people. We enter relationships, cook dinner, argue, make bad financial decisions, play card games, go on vacations and watch our favorite professional sports teams together on television just like straight people. The lie homophobic people like to spread is that we’re somehow tainted, fallen, downright evil or just plain different. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, we have some bad guys in our ranks. Just look at Jeffrey Dahmer. But straight people have their crazies too. I give you Ted Bundy, Donald Trump and Joan Crawford.

Until we are allowed to marry, file jointly and raise children like our straight friends and family members, we will always feel like second-class citizens and face blatant discrimination by our own government. Even a blind man can see that.