Like many city dwellers who can spot a phony three blocks away, I don’t like Rachael Ray. Her sickly sweet, suburban “sincerity” makes the stomach crawl and the hands reach for the remote.

That said, I don’t wish anything bad would happen to her. I understand why she’s popular. It makes me sad, but I understand.

If I found out tomorrow that her husband had killed her and then turned the meat cleaver on himself, I’d feel bad. I’d first wonder how much you’d have to hate someone to bludgeon them to death with a meat cleaver, then I’d wonder how much you’d have to hate yourself to do yourself in with a meat cleaver, and then I’d feel bad.

So when I heard the news this morning that Dunkin’ Donuts was pulling their ad staring Rachael Ray because some viewers and critics thought that her scarf resembled one worn by terrorists and that somehow she was subliminally supporting their actions by donning the scarf, I laughed. I mean, get a grip.

At least the crazy weirdo, Sharon Stone, gets her China ads pulled by Dior because of her wacky but honest “karma” statement. Poor Rachael Ray gets her U.S. ads pulled by freakin’ Dunkin’ Donuts because of her scarf. That’s just sad. Better to have your husband do you in with a meat cleaver than suffer the humiliation of getting into trouble with your donut sponsor.