Jesus, what crappy news out of my country of residence.  The Japanese are into mass suicide, not mass homicide.  They kill themselves by burning charcoal in an enclosed area.  They don’t kill innocent people by ramming their vehicles into crowds and then stabbing the wounded and stunned with a hunting knife.

Imagine if that demented man who killed and injured all of those people in the popular Akihabara district of Tokyo on Sunday afternoon had had easy access to a gun.  Thank God Japan has incredibly strict and highly enforced gun purchase and ownership laws. 

Akihabara, even on a weekday at noon, is very crowded.  Think New York’s 5th Avenue on a Saturday afternoon.  Tomohiro Kato, the man responsible for the slaughter, planned this in advance and for maximum loss of life, updating anyone who cared to read about his plans on a popular internet bulletin board, even texting from his mobile phone, “It’s time” just 20 minutes before the slaughter.   

We expats like to complain about life in the Bizzaro World that is Japan.  Is it weird living in Tokyo?  You bet your ass.  But do you worry about random crime on the street?  Getting murdered in your home?  Getting run over and knifed on the weekend?  No, no and no.   Let’s hope it stays that way.