On Sunday night after Sunday pasta (a hold over from when my partner and I used to watch The Sopranos on Sundays in New York), I turned on the TV and was delighted to see my favorite frog-faced intellectual Indian guru, Fareed Zakaria. Is that man cool or what? Now, I don’t read Newsweek (The Economist and The New Yorker are better), but every time I see Fareed on TV, I just stop what I’m doing, watch, listen, learn and yearn to invite him over to dinner. I make a mean guacamole.

Senor Frog Face Fareed Zakaria‘s GPS is CNN’s antidote to the Lou Dobbs Show. God, that man is out to lunch as far as I’m concerned. Somebody throw a blanket on him, call the vet and put him down already. Jesus. Anyway, Fareed’s Global Public Square (stick to GPS guys) starts out like my favorite BBC news show, Hard Talk. And while Fareed is no griller like the thinning Brit, Stephan Sackur, or that feisty hellcat, Zeinab Badawi, he didn’t completely under cook his first guest, Condi Rice. Given that the woman is frozen solid, even getting her to 0 degrees is a feet in and of itself so Fareed should be commended for his efforts.

In the second part of GPS, Fareed tackles a current world event and gives us his take (not spin) on it. You see, one of the reasons I like Fareed is because he doesn’t spin. He sits and takes. He doesn’t sit and spin like Lou Dobbs or Bill O’Reilly–another host who needs to be put down.

Like most things in Japan, we got wind of Fareed’s show late. Thanks CNN Japan! Seriously, thank you for finally bringing the show to the good people of Tokyo. And while you’re at it, would you mind airing the weekly addition of The Daily Show at a convenient and consistent time? I don’t think it’s asking too much that you not air it at five in the morning on random weekdays. Much appreciated.