Caviar? Check. Truffle soup? Check. Champagne? Check. Global food crisis? Don’t be such a kill joy and pass the veal.

What a PR nightmare. World leaders from the eight richest nations on earth get together to discuss the dire state of the planet–including a food crisis–over a six-course lunch and an eight-course dinner. But really, what did you think would be served at such an event? McDonald’s? Sure, W. might have preferred some burgers, but not every world leader has the taste buds of a (wannabe) white trash country boy (from Connecticut).

The G8 menu reads more like an elaborate French banquet than a minimalist Japanese meal. Where was the sushi? The soba? The natto for God’s sake? Last I checked, the meeting was being held in Hokkaido, Japan not Paris, France.

Japanese cuisine has really hit its stride in the past decade. Some of the most lauded, popular and difficult to book restaurants in New York are Japanese restaurants. Japanese food tends to be both attractive and easy to eat (if you know how to use a pair of chopsticks, if ya don’t, join W. at Mickey D’s). Japanese food is often healthy, low in fat and high in protein. OK, their desserts leave much to be desired, unless you like sickeningly sweet bean paste in the shape of demonic floral arrangements. And more importantly, the G8 summit is being held in Japan. An opportunity to showcase the virtues of Japanese cuisine, minus whale, was lost.

This being Japan, I’m sure the menu planner, chef, cooks and wait staff have all done the “honorable” thing and have since jumped out of a high-rise building, into the path of a speeding train or are currently slumped in the drivers seat of a smoke-filled van waiting to be discovered. Such drama queens these people are.