Jesse Jackson wants a piece of Barack Obama.  OK, two pieces.  Jackson said, “I want to cut his nuts out.”

And then what?

“I want to cut his nuts out, and fry them up with collard greens and some hot sauce.”

“I want to cut his nuts out, dry them and keep them in a locket around my neck.”

“I want to cut his nuts out, and give them to Hillary Clinton.”

Better to say, “I want to cut his balls off.”  There.  His balls are off.  You don’t care what happens to them after they’re detached from his penis.  Saying that you “want to cut his nuts out” implies that you have plans for said nuts.  Are you going to make a collage?  Decorate a room with them?  I don’t get it.

And what was Jesse Jackson doing on Fox News anyway?  Is that the only station that will let him extort, I mean speak.  Jesus, it’s guys like Jesse who need to go.  The Left doesn’t need him.  He’s just a play thing for the Right now.  Just when a won over, former right-wing nut job or fence-squatting independent is about to vote for the Democrat, out comes Jesse with that fucked up lip of his, running his mouth off and gettin’ all high and mighty.

Somebody’s nuts gotta go, but they’re certainly not Barack’s.