After four months of worrying, wondering and waiting, my partner and I finally received an answer.  We are moving to Hong Kong.

Of course, I won’t believe it until I board a Cathay Pacific jet at JFK.  Hell, I won’t believe it until our furniture arrives from Tokyo at our new apartment in Hong Kong.  My partner keeps reassuring me that all will go smoothly.  “Don’t worry, Babe.” he says.  “It’ll all work out.”

Like hell it will!  I remember him saying those exact words before our move to Tokyo.  We were literally about to enter Union Square Cafe to celebrate his birthday when his cell phone rang.  They wanted to know if them not being able to secure me a visa would be a deal breaker.  I said, “Tell them no.  It won’t be a deal breaker.”

At the time, I figured I wouldn’t have trouble finding a job and securing my own visa.  Turns out, finding a job wasn’t the issue.  Finding a job that didn’t drive me to drink, drugs and depression was the issue.  OK, those drugs were prescribed for my depression, but I stand by my statement.  You should have seen me swilling that wine at lunch.  Man!  I was goin’ to town.

Four years in Tokyo and I still hate it when people ask what I do for a living.  “I go grocery shopping,” I say.  “Must be nice.” they say.  I just want to grab their paunchy little faces and poke their eyeballs out with my thumbs.  “Must be nice?”  I’ll tell you what would be nice, Asshole.  “Nice” would be working.  “Nice” would be having all this free time in a city I actually care to live in.  “Nice” would be you being in my situation for four years and seeing how you’d react when someone told you it must be nice.  Nice my naturally brown ass!

My partner and I can’t legally marry so our relationship isn’t recognized–in New York or Japan.  And don’t give me this recognized in certain states crap.  Until marriage between people of the same gender is recognized by the federal government (all federal governments), gay couples will always have to deal with shit, especially when living abroad.

And so it is with great relief and caution that I contemplate Hong Kong.  Am I glad to be moving?  I’m more than glad, I’m fucking delirious.  Am I sure that it’ll all work out?  Of course not.  But I’m sure that I’ll make it work, that we’ll make it work.