Remember that Uma Thurman movie Henry and June? You know, the one where a young Uma plays Henry Miller‘s sexually adventurous wife? She and that big-headed Portuguese girl with the weak chin and Precious Moments eyes get it on so frequently and so explicitly, that the movie was rated NC-17. One of the first to get that rating. Well, the other morning while I was watching TV, I caught the beginning of the movie on cable.

That big-headed Portuguese girl who plays Anais Nin was looking through some turn of the century nudie pics of women wearing little more than stockings and a floppy hat. When I noticed the opaque circle covering the first woman’s pubes, I thought it was just a blur, a technical glitch–I give this country too much credit. But when Anais looked at the second pic, the opaque circle was better formed and continued to cover the offensive pubes as she trembled with erotic longing.

I changed the channel.

Japan finds it necessary to censor pictures of century-old pussy. Long dead twat. What, am I going to be so overcome with erotic longing that I’m going to hop on the first woman I see? I’m so ready to leave this country.

And yes, I realize that censorship is rampant in my future new home, China. I’m just tired. Tired of the bullshit and tired of pretending I still find this country fascinating. Ask me in a year, when I’ve put enough distance between me and this place and I’ll be much more reflective and objective. Right now, it’s enough just to get up and mindlessly flip through cable TV.

Besides, China treats Hong Kong differently, at least for now.