Didn’t I tell you in my Decapitation at Batman ride in Six Flags blog? The news media loves to get head!

I turned on the tube to watch CNN Japan this morning and there was Hugh Riminton saying “And I warn you, some of the coverage is disturbing.” Just some?

Then a Canadian everyman who was riding the Greyhound bus when the beheading occurred said, “So we heard a scream, Aye? And then we all exited the bus, Aye? And then the man tried to stab us too, Aye? Later we saw him holding the guy’s head, Aye?”

Don’t you just love the Canadian accent?

When I first heard a man was beheaded on a Greyhound bus, I thought there had been some gruesome accident involving a Royal Canadian Mountie, a moose and a keg of Labatt Blue. But that would have been a decapitation, not a beheading. Decapitations are accidents and beheadings are incidents.

I remember when I was a kid, the lady who lived next door told me of a decapitation she had witnessed back in her native country, El Salvador. Apparently, she was on a bus in San Salvador when the bus driver made a sharp turn down a narrow street. This wasn’t unusual. But unfortunately, two boys in back of the bus had stuck their heads out the window for some fresh air. One of the heads rolled down the isle past her seat. She said, “And den I scream like dis, Ahhhhhhhhh!” as she placed her hands to her cheeks.

I knew she wasn’t putting me on but I also knew she was embellishing for effect. Still, I found it odd she was telling me this story and I knew that this was one of the reasons my mom made me promise that I wouldn’t go next door to play with her son. That and the son liked to roam the neighborhood with his BB gun looking for red ant piles, stray cats and the occasional opossum. The kid had issues.