Matt Lauer and Al Roker are so gay. Gay not like me, who is in fact gay. But gay as in silly, corny or cheesy. Not that I’m above being a so gay gay, a gay so gay, or a ra, fa, la, te, do, so gay.

Matt is polished, poised and well preserved. Al is no longer fat but still jolly and squishy. Meredith Viera is much butcher than Katie Couric ever was. And my beloved Ann Curry (why do so many people like to hate on my Annie?) is sexy, serious and slightly androgynous. Meredith and Ann definitely wear the pants at The Today Show.

Yesterday, Matt and Al did that little dance routine with those skinny flags/sashes in Beijing. They fluttered around in tights and serious faces, emoting only with their eyes. Today, when Matt, Al, Meredith and Ann decided to run around the fountains in front of that funky bubble building housing the Olympic pool, it was the ladies who got themselves all wet. The “gentlemen” were too scared to join them, scared they’d ruin their expensive shoes and sweaters. So gay, as in like me.