Have you seen Candy lately? Al? They went from fat to (relatively) thin to fat again in just a few months.

OK, Al’s weight piled on more slowly, his suits fitting tighter with each passing week, his chin adding more chins with every passing month. I’d be worried if I were Ann Curry. If Al skips breakfast one morning, he might just decide to take a bite out of something spicy.

“And coming up next on Today, Rosie Perez will introduce us to…oh my God! Stay away from me Roker. Away! No! No! Nooooooooo!”

At least Candy has reason to pack on the pounds. She actually has to work. Al just bounces around outside for a few hours telling us about the weather, interviewing stupid tourists and making small talk with colleagues. Hell, I could do THAT, especially with Matt Lauer. Metrosexualicious! We should all age so gracefully.

Poor Candy has to run after politicians, stay up late and sometimes appear on Lou Dobbs. Jesus, having to deal with that man would cause even a Mormon to take up drinking. Poor Candy has no defense against late night margaritas and Mexican buffets. I feel for her.

Let’s hope these two beloved “former” fatties get the help they need.