Was I the only one who wanted to reach through my television set tonight, grab David Frum by his big-ass catfish lips and tear him a new asshole?

Maddow asked Dour David a question about the recent tone of the McCain campaign when he went all BTK Killer on her ass saying that her show was an example of the problem of the current political tone “with its heavy sarcasm and sneering.”

Frum then said he was trying his “little best” to raise the tone.

Well, Davy Wavy, as long as you’re trying your little best to raise the tone.

Who does this guy think he is? He was a speech writer for Bush. He’s responsible for helping W quite literally talk his way out of murder and he’s lecturing Maddow about the tone of her show? Has this guy ever had a belly laugh in his life? A walk on the beach at sunrise? A hot fudge sundae on a Tuesday afternoon? An orgasm that didn’t include pictures of Mitt Romney shirtless?

Rachel kept her cool, narrowed those steely eyes of hers and refused to let Fish Lips get away with saying her show was in any way the equivalent of someone yelling “Bomb Obama” at a McCain rally. More power to her! I would have booked a train to Washington, knocked on Frum’s door and busted up those ugly-ass fish lips of his. Maddow obviously has more class than I ever will. A lot more.