I like Christiana Amanpour. She with the jet-black bangs, mannish hands and shoulder pads. What’s not to like, admire and fear? It’s just that lately, I’ve been fearing her more than liking and admiring.

I blame that campy-creepy CNN ad for her special “God’s Warriors.” That damn promo seems to air morning, noon and night between every news segment. There she is, her gaze more maniacal than informed, her normally stiff mane blowing in the wind, her bellowing voice more holier than thou. And then it hit me. She sounds an awful lot like Damien from the Omen II. Even some of the promo’s dialogue seems lifted from the film.

Remember that part where Damien is trying to convince his beloved cousin, Mark, to join him? Mark’s Betrayal? Hell, Christiana even looks like Damien.

“Join me!” “Come with me!” Trailblazing reporter or Satan’s spawn? You be the judge.