In a mainland Chinese village, throwing something out the window might squash some ants, leave an alley cat blind in one eye, or scare the dumpling out of a neighbor.  In Hong Kong, tossing something out the window could leave someone dead or worse–a vegetable dumpling.

That is why it’s alarming that a neighbor on a higher floor has seen it fit to throw stuff out the window.  I should say through a window because on both occasions there was broken glass in front of the main entrance to my building.

The first time it happened, the broken glass belonged to a small kitchen window.  This morning, it was glass from the big, living room window.  These are not flimsy windows.  If you break one, it’s because you meant to do it.  You either grabbed a heavy chair and swung it at someone and missed, or you took a running jump towards the window.

The street in front of my building was closed for nearly two hours this morning while the authorities cleared it of debris.  Passersby looked up and pointed at the large hole in the window.  This was no accident.

I asked the doorman on duty what happened.

“The glass broke.”

Well no shit Sherlock.

“Why?” I asked.  “Was someone drunk?”

“Nobody home.”  He replied.

“Maybe they left in a hurry after they broke the window.” I said.

“Nobody home.”  He repeated.

He’s either lying or trying to scare the hell out of me.  A ghost did this?  Perhaps the ghost of the older woman whose son chopped her to death?  There is something strange happening in my building and this nosy neighbor is going to get to the bottom of it.