Every weekday morning, I head to my local Pacific Coffee, grab some caffeine and read the City Section of the South China Morning Post. I enjoy keeping up with the stories making the news in Hong Kong: the latest drunk driving accident, the next concert coming to town, the newest restaurant to open, an up and coming neighborhood, the grizzly details of a murder gone gross. I read, scowl, smile, contemplate, daydream and get nauseous.

I once read about a woman murdered by her son in my building. “150 Chops” was the title. The 27th floor is haunted!

But gory details tend not to bother me. I like scary movies, the creepy, the campy and the bloody. The best horror movies are the ones that mess with your mind, not the ones that splatter red gelatin and Jamba Juice all over a bare wall. But sometimes a man’s gotta have his Jello and Jamba, Baby.

Still, this story, these details bothered me. A woman was flushed down the toilet.

First, the woman who was killed was found by her murderer on a compensated dating website. What is that, you ask? Me too. Apparently, young women who need some fast cash to buy God knows what, can log on, find a John, meet him, screw him, and then trot off to buy that new purse. And don’t give me any of that insensitive bastard bullshit. This kind of stuff was common in Japan, except few women ended up dead or as raw sewage.

Second, the woman who was murdered was not a woman but a sixteen-year-old girl. A sixteen-year-old girl.

Third, the man who killed her was high on ecstasy and ketamine. What? Did he want to get all touchy-feely and then fall into a K-hole?

Fourth, he butchered her. Literally. In the local Chinese language newspaper, they actually diagrammed how to butcher a cadaver. Like there’s a right way.

Now it’s true that lots of sickos slaughter their victims, but this guy flushed her organs down the toilet, left her bones in a vat of pig intestines, and then wrapped her head in her clothes and tossed it into the harbor. Her poor parents.

There are some crimes that keep this liberal a proponent of the death penalty. This is one of them.